Patient Stories

Aortic Valve Reconstruction

Mrs. Joyce Kumalasari Hartono never thought that her decision to also check herself in a laboratory while taking her husband for a health check would be the start of a journey to seek healing.

The results of the laboratory examination showed that Mrs. Joyce's heart valve was leaking and she was recommended to consult a cardiologist. However, when he consulted a doctor and underwent another examination, the results were different. Echocardiography examination is good, blood pressure is also good, blood sugar levels are normal, and cholesterol is good. "Maybe it's the wrong lab," thought Mrs Joyce and husband at the time.

Feeling curious about the different examination results, the woman born in 1979 finally sought an opinion from a second doctor. Apparently, the result remains the same, all good. Not satisfied with that, he then underwent echocardiography at another hospital. That's where it was confirmed that there was a leaking heart valve. Mrs. Joyce was also advised to undergo a CT-Scan examination to determine the cause.

The CT-Scan results showed that the base of Mrs Joyce's aorta was swollen and there was already a 2.3-centimeter tear (dissection). The doctor did not dare to take any action and asked for time to discuss with another team of doctors. Mrs Joyce was asked to come 2 weeks later.

During this time, Mrs. Joyce was very concerned about her health condition. He will surf in cyberspace digging for health information to satisfy his curiosity. That's what he did when he waited two weeks as the doctor suggested. It was through the internet that he found the right medical treatment information for his health problems.

Through the internet Mrs. Joyce found Heartology which provides online consulting services. As received confirmation, several doctors in Semarang and abroad who were asked for advice by Mrs. Joyce also recommended dr. Suko Adiarto SpJP(K) at Heartology.

When finally consulted remotely, dr. Suko said that the right action for Mrs. Joyce's health problem was a major operation that required adequate preparation and equipment. Mrs. Joyce, who had major surgery at the age of 7, was afraid and if she could, she didn't want to have surgery. He was stressed because he felt his body condition was not problematic but was immediately ordered to operate. However, Mrs Joyce and her husband always believed in God's help.

Finally, Mrs. Joyce was willing to undergo surgery at Heartology and departed from Semarang to Jakarta. For Mrs. Joyce's husband, what his wife went through was a series of miracles. The first miracle is knowing the aorta is swollen. If only it was detected late and it broke, the results of the operation would be worse. "God hears our prayers"

The aortic valve reconstruction surgery that Mrs Joyce will undergo at Heartology requires a lot of blood. Heartology only has 20 blood bags in stock and the stock at PMI is empty. In fact, it takes at least 30 donors before the operation is carried out. “We have friends and relatives in Jakarta, but not that many. Especially now that there's a pandemic, people don't leave their homes a lot," said Mrs Joyce's husband.

After they prayed to God, dozens of people appeared who wanted to donate their blood. Most of the people Mrs Joyce and husband didn't know. The blood needed was collected.

Before the operation, Mrs. Joyce was still afraid. Mrs. Joyce's husband then calmed his wife down. He said, God has given miracles, God will surely heal diseases through human hands. The trick is surgery. "You have to think positively that this is the path to healing," he said.

After about five hours of surgery dr. Dicky Aligheri Wartono, SpBTKV(K), stated that the operation went well and Mrs Joyce's aortic valve did not need to be replaced, it could still be repaired.

Mrs Joyce advised anyone who has the same health condition as her to undergo surgery immediately. "Do not be afraid. If treated by the right doctor, keep thinking positive, and keep praying everything will end well,” he said.